Database Configuration Panel:

Note: before a database entry can be entered, the UltraScan administrator password has to be configured. The database configuration window (listed under "Miscellaneous Settings") can be selected from the configuration panel by clicking on the "Change" button from the database preferences option.

"File" "Configuration" ("Database Preferences") "Change"

The database configuration panel allows you to configure the connection to the database that holds your experimental data. Here you can enter the name of the database, the username you use to connect to the database engine as well as your database login password, and finally the name of the host on which the database engine is running. UltraScan offers the option to configure multiple databases for facilities that may use multiple databases from different sites simultaneously. The currently selected database is listed with the "(default)" tag. To change the default database, simply double-click on the desired database in the "Database List" section to select the database that needs to be set as default. Now click on the "Save as Default" button and enter the database's password when prompted in the password dialog. When a change in the selection has been made, the database entries are shown as greyed-out listings. When "Reset" is selected, the fields are cleared and a new entry can be entered. Note that if a new database is entered it is set to default. To delete an entry, click on "Delete Old Entry". The UltraScan administrator password is required to confirm a record deletion.

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