Finite Element Analysis - Fitting Control Window:

The fitting control window gives you control over the nonlinear least squares fitting process:

After defining your model with the Model Selection and the Model Control Window, you can start the fitting control window from the finite element analysis window by clicking on the "Fitting Control" button.

Select between a constrained or unconstrained fit, then click on the Fit button. All fitting statistics will be updated once per iteration and the status bar will keep you informed about the progress of the fit. Similarly, all fitted parameters will be updated once every iteration to their current value int he model control window. Once the solution has converged, fitting will automatically stop and display "Solution Converged" in the status field.

You can interrupt the fitting process at any time by clicking on the Pause button. To resume the interrupted fit, click on Resume. While stopped, you can change parameter values or the time discretization. However, you cannot change wether a parameter is allowed to float or needs to remain fixed. To make such a change, you need to abort the fitting session first and then restart the fit. New parameter values entered in the model control window during a temporary fitting stop will be accepted as soon as fitting is resumed. Clicking on Abort will halt all fitting and cancel the current fitting session. Once the solution has converged, you can close the fitting control window by clicking on Close.

For more information on optimal finite element fitting strategies, please consult the Finite Element Tutorial. The final fitting results can further be used to model the component under investigation. Please consult the finite element Results Interpretation Manual for further information on this topic.

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