UltraScan License Import Module:

UltraScan requires that you install a registration key file on your computer in order to use the software. Lack of this license file will prevent you from running, and instead present you with a dialogue asking you to register the software. Once you click on "Register", you will be presented with the License Key Import Module.

With the UltraScan License Import Module you can manage your registration key for the UltraScan software. In order to use UltraScan a valid license key is required. This license key is issued online through a web based program at the Ultrascan website. The UltraScan license and license keys are available at no cost for both academic or commercial use. The purpose of the license keys is provide the developers with a feedback system that provides user statistics needed for grant justifications for future grant applications that support the development of this software. Your cooperation with this system, while understandibly annoying, is much appreciated and will aid in bringing you always updated and improved versions of UltraScan.

This module allows you to import a license key from your e-mail file or type in the information by hand. If you choose to enter the information by hand, you need to make absolutely sure that the information is entered exactly as presented in the license file sent to you. A more convenient way than typing the information in by hand is to import the license from the e-mail message that was sent to you when you applied for the license. To use this feature, click on "E-mail Import" and specify the name of an ASCII text file saved on your computer that contains the e-mail message sent to you by the UltraScan license server. All mailers allow you to save an e-mail message as an individual file on your computer. Save the message in a known directory on your computer and point the browser to this directory to select the e-mail message file. After clicking on "Open", your license information will be displayed in the License Import module. Now click on the "Save" button to save the information to your computer. The license will be saved in your root directory in a file called ~/.uslicense if you are on a Unix or Linux based system and in C:\Program Files\UltraScan\etc\uslicense if you are on a Microsoft Windows based system. At this point you can click on "Close" to close the dialogue, and UltraScan should now start up correctly.

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