Printing from UltraScan:

All data analysis results that can be represented in a graphical format can be printed out by UltraScan in publication quality postscript format to a postscript printer or, by virtue of ghostscript, to any printer whose format can be emulated by ghostscript and its associated drivers. For more information please consult the ghostscript documentation.

Generally, the printing dialogue is invoked from the analysis window of the respective analysis module. The printing module will query the /etc/printcap file for available printers. Select the printer/driver of your choice and make appropriate selections for orientation, pages, page size and format, number of copies and print order before clicking on "OK" to submit the print job to the queue.

You also have the option to print the data to a postscript file, which can be sent to the printer from the command line or transferred to another computer.

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Last modified on January 12, 2003.